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At Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc., our job is to ensure that you have access to high-quality products and services to keep your house cool when you need it.  Whether you need repairs done to an existing unit, are looking to replace an older unit, or need a whole new system, our team of expert technicians is here to provide you with prompt, professional service. Your family deserves a home where they feel comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside.

New and Replacement AC Installations

Our AC installation services are provided by highly qualified professionals who are familiar with your climate region. This training and experience level helps us provide you with an AC system that can keep up and perform the way you need it. If your current unit is old and faltering, it may be time to replace it. We understand how big of a decision this is and will do our best to provide you with options that make you feel comfortable.

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DMI specializes in new construction AC installation, and with a team that's received extensive training, we're equipped to help you every step of the way. We help determine the proper size, design, and layout for your system and see you through all the way until the final installation is complete. Our goal is to leave you with a home that feels refreshing when walking in on a hot summer day.

Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance 

Having regular maintenance done on your unit will save you time and money in the long run and helps ensure that you keep your warranty. The best way to avoid an unexpected breakdown is to keep your unit well-maintained. This maintenance includes having a tune-up done before the summer season approaches. You shouldn't wait until you're sweating and wondering what went wrong. Having a tune-up service performed before the season starts on your air conditioning unit allows us to conduct a thorough checkup to ensure that your current unit is in working order for the scorching summer ahead.

Repairs and After-Hour Repairs 

Many things can go wrong in an AC system, ranging from minor fixes and repairs to major unit overhauls. Air conditioning shouldn't be a luxury. Our affordable repair services help keep your unit running at its best, thanks to our team of professional technicians. Here are some signs that your AC may need a repair:

  • Strange odor coming from the vents or the unit itself.
  • Low airflow or air that isn't as cool as it usually is.
  • Repeated on and off cycling with inadequate cooling.
  • A sudden higher indoor humidity level.
  • Uneven cooling throughout different parts of your home.
  • Water leakage around the AC unit.
  • Sudden, unusual noisy air conditioner operation.

We believe that having a home that you're comfortable living in is important, especially if you've got children, ill people, or older adults living in the house. This belief is why our team is ready and waiting to serve you at any time. Our after-hour repair services will help ensure that no matter what time of the day it is, you and your family will be back on the way to cool and calm in no time. We will send out a technician as soon as possible when you need it.

Things To Keep in Mind

You shouldn't wait until things go wrong to call DMI to inspect your current AC unit. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when deciding whether or not a new system is worth it.

  • You should weigh the cost of a new system versus how much it costs you to repair your current system.
  • Make sure to factor in your current energy consumption and utility bill prices. Would having a newer unit save you money every month on your energy bill?
  • If your current system is over 15 years old, it's probably time to start thinking about a new AC unit.

If you're considering switching from your current cooling method to a new air conditioning system, you should weigh the benefits and disadvantages. Benefits include that your air will be filtered, improving your inside air quality. This system is a cooling solution for your entire home that's controlled by one thermostat. The unit works in conjunction with your furnace system for ease of use. Disadvantages could include that the system requires ductwork, and you may experience fluctuating utility bills. Make sure to ask about all of our options so you can choose which one works best for you.


Why should I hire Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc.? 

  • Our locally owned and operated team of technicians is dedicated to providing you with quick, professional air conditioning services. 

What safety certifications do you carry?

  • We carry a variety of safety certifications, including the following:
    • OSHA 10-Hour.
    • OSHA Competent Person.
    • OSHA Hazard Communication.
    • OSHA Underground Excavation.
    • Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Cross-Control Device Inspection.
    • Medical Gas Training.
    • Chicagoland Construction Safety Council Scaffold Training.

Do you offer any specials or deals? 

  • DMI is committed to providing you with affordable service all the time, but we offer several discounts and special options to help you get the most for your money. You can always check out our website for the most up-to-date information and current and upcoming specials. 

Reach Out to Us Today

If you need AC installation and repair, reach out to our expertly trained team at Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. today for all of your cooling needs. DMI is here to help get the temperature in your home under control. Our technicians are trained in air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair and are prepared to do it all. We can provide you with solid advice and recommendations so you can make a choice that makes you feel comfortable.

We're proud to serve the Chicagoland and Arlington Heights areas with locations at 610 S. Arthur Ave. in Arlington Heights and 441 E. Plainfield Road in Countryside. You can reach us by phone at (847) 396-9836 during regular business hours or by submitting our online form 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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