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Introduction to Des Plaines, Illinois

Situated in Cook County, Des Plaines is a suburb of Chicago and is located just north of O'Hare International Airport. With a population of just under 59,000 residents, Des Plaines, is a relatively small city. Named after the Des Plaines River, which runs through it, this city has a rich and vibrant history. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, several native tribes inhabited Des Plaines. These include the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Chippewa Native American tribes. During the 1600s when the French arrived, the Des Plaines River was given its name thanks to the resemblance of the trees on its banks to the European plane tree.

Des Plaines also has plenty of indoor and outdoor things to do to suit a variety of interests. Lovers of the great outdoors can head out on the multiple trails that the city has to offer or take a walk around Des Plaines' parks. The stunning Lake Opeka also provides a fantastic day out for the family. History buffs can learn all about the city at the Des Plaines Historical Museum, while foodies can take advantage of Des Plaines' 100+ restaurants, offering American, Mexican, Asian, Polish, and Greek cuisine, among others.

Why Choose Dahme Mechanical Industries?

Dahme Mechanical Industries is an incredibly reliable company that has been in operation since 1965. We're a full-service pipe fitting and plumbing contractor, providing HVAC, emergency services, plumbing, and more for residents of the suburban Chicagoland area. We provide mechanical services and plumbing for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as performing mechanical work in wastewater treatment facilities, pump houses, and powerhouses. When it comes to our extensive experience, Dahme Mechanical is a fantastic option for all of your plumbing needs in Des Plaines.

We offer the following services and more to those in the Des Plaines area:

Frozen, Leaking, & Burst Pipe Repair In Des Plaines

Frozen or leaking pipes are potential sources of terrible damage to your home, often costing thousands of dollars in repair costs. Dahme Mechanical's licensed and certified Des Plaines plumbers provide impeccable plumbing services, including the repair of frozen or leaking pipes in your home, as well as the prevention of these issues occurring in the first place. In the case of an emergency, Dahme Mechanical can give you an estimate within 48 hours.

burst pipe
Diagram of Sumpro backup sump pump typical installation

Sump Pump Installation & Repair In Des Plaines

An essential element for homes with a basement, sump pumps assist in flood prevention, and therefore, potential damage to your home. Dahme Mechanical Industries are on hand to help you choose the best sump pump for your home and carry out the replacement service. Along with this, we can also install a battery backup system. These can be very useful when your home loses power due to events, such as heavy rainfall. In these cases, you'll want your sump pump to continue running even after your home loses power. For this reason, a battery backup is definitely a good idea.

Sump Pump Battery Back Up Systems In Des Plaines

Most people don't give the sump pumps in their home a second thought--until they fail, that is. In an event that your sump pump fails and your home loses power, the last thing you need is your basement flooding due to water backing up. This is why it's so important to install a backup pump system, and Dahme Mechanical Industries can do exactly that. With a backup system in place, you can be confident that even if the worst happens, your backup pump will continue to run. This will protect your home from rising water and any expensive repairs involved.

drain service in des plaines

Sewer Repair & Drain Service In Des Plaines

Whether your toilet is backing up regularly or your sink is taking a while to fully drain, it's probable that you need your sewer or drain cleaned to remove a blockage and get the system up and running again. If the problem is dealt with early, a repair is quick and easy.

Dahme Mechanical Industries provide a 24-hour emergency sewer rodding service to tackle those all-too-common emergencies. We'll send a camera down the sewer to check the problem and if, upon inspection, it's clear that something stronger is required, our licensed plumbers can deal with it too.

Our high-pressure sewage jetting service does exactly what it says on the tin. We take a high-pressure jet and place it into your sewer, stripping away all debris from the sewer lining and increasing its capacity in the process. This service will get your sewer operating as good as new.


Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair In Des Plaines

Garbage disposals can be an incredibly useful part of any home. More than half of all homes in the United States are equipped with garbage disposal systems, and in an event that the system breaks down, this can cause a lot of inconvenience. Luckily, Dahme Mechanical Industries are on hand to replace your garbage disposal if it ever breaks down, or quickly and efficiently install a brand-new system for you. If your garbage disposal system is clogged, humming, or just not working, give us a call and our licensed plumbers will source and fix the problem for you.

garbage disposal in des plaines
rpz valve in des plaines

Backflow Testing & RPZ Valve Install in Des Plaines

Backflow testing and prevention is so important when it comes to maintaining a safe water supply within the home. At Dahme Mechanical Industries, we recommend carrying out this testing annually to make sure your plumbing system does not back up into the municipal system, which results in issues with cross-contamination. Our licensed plumbers have mobile applications that can carefully and quickly inspect your backflow prevention devices, and we can carry out repairs if they are needed.

We offer quarterly, bi-annual, and annual backflow testing, municipal backflow testing, and forward flow testing and reporting, as well as other related services to people in Des Plaines.

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So, what are you waiting for? Dahme Mechanical Industries are on hand to provide Des Plaines residents with all of their home's plumbing and commercial plumbing needs 24-7. Whether you're looking for an installation, repair, replacement, or inspection, call us today and have our expert plumbers tackle the problem for you.

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