Arlington Heights Furnace Repair & Installation

Furnace Installation & Repair in Arlington Heights

Rarely do we notice any problems with our home heating system until it stops working properly. Regardless of whether you have a natural gas or electric furnace, these appliances need regular maintenance if they’re going to heat your Chicagoland home efficiently. Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. has years of experience working with various home heating systems, including various furnace models. Whether your home has one of the furnaces mentioned below or a completely different heating system, you won’t regret choosing us to keep your family toasty and warm through the cold winter season.

Natural Gas Furnace

Natural gas furnaces represent one of Chicagoland’s more popular forms of residential heating. This type of home heating requires access to a municipal gas line. It’s pretty straightforward to use and is a very economical method to heat your home. Newer furnaces are up to 98% efficient compared to older models, which only operated at around 65% efficiency at their best. Although they’re more expensive to purchase and install upfront, natural gas furnaces are more affordable in the long run due to their high-efficiency ratings.

A natural gas furnace creates warm air that circulates through the ducts in your home. A flame heats an exchanger, which warms up the incoming air. The furnace then blows the warmed air through the ductwork, distributing it through your home. Although fairly simple, carbon monoxide poisoning is possible if the heater malfunctions. You can take precautions by installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home and maintaining your furnace according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are more cost-efficient to install than natural gas furnaces and can last up to 10 years longer. While upfront expenses are lower, these appliances operate at a higher cost. Their affordability also depends on the price of electricity as opposed to natural gas or propane. As electricity goes down, your monthly bill will decrease, but the same is true if the cost of electricity increases.

These appliances work similarly to natural gas furnaces except that they use electricity to heat the air rather than gas. When the furnace clicks on, it pulls the nearby air into the system, and the electricity turns on the heating elements. The air is warmed as it passes over the heating elements, and the hot air is then pushed through the air ducts to begin heating your home.

Propane Furnace

A propane furnace, another type of gas furnace, is a great option. It works much the same as a natural gas furnace but uses propane to heat your home. As a byproduct of oil and gas production, propane is an environmentally responsible heating method and is easily stored in a tank on your property. While it’s less expensive to operate than a gas furnace, it’s also less efficient.

Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces are found in many homes across the northeastern United States as an alternative to gas and electric furnaces. They may require more maintenance than other furnaces, but initial purchase and installation costs are typically lower. If your home doesn’t already have an oil tank, one will need to be installed, and you’ll need to keep it filled for the furnace to work properly.

An oil furnace operates a bit differently than a gas or electric one. It contains a fuel pump that delivers the oil to a burn chamber, where the oil is transformed into a mist. This mist is sprayed onto a burner that warms up and heats the incoming air. The heated air is pushed through the air duct system to bring warm air into your home.

Wood Furnace

Many people enjoy using wood furnaces since they don’t rely on gas or electricity to produce heat. Although inexpensive to purchase and maintain, they require extra effort to operate. Wood must be cut, stored, and regularly loaded into the furnace. You can reduce the time involved by having wood cut and delivered to your home.

Those who like wood furnaces but don’t want to rely on wood alone to heat their homes can consider dual-source furnaces. These appliances use oil or gas as a backup heat source. Many newer wood furnaces also include blowers to help distribute the heat through your home’s air ducts, making these new models much more efficient than older ones.

Our Residential Furnace Installation and Repair Services

If it’s been a while since your last furnace maintenance or if it doesn’t heat your home the way it used to, you can turn to the experts at Dahme Mechanical. We can install, maintain, and replace various residential furnaces throughout Chicagoland and beyond. Learn how we keep families warm and comfortable with our home heating installation and repair services.

Furnace Installation

Our highly trained technicians have the expert knowledge to install a furnace in your home and calculate the heating capacity required to heat it efficiently. We’ll schedule an appointment to measure the load demand of your home or the amount of heat it requires. We can also present you with a wide range of furnace options based on your lifestyle and budget. Then, we’ll schedule another appointment to install the furnace, being respectful of your home and your time, along with a guarantee that will more than meet your standards.

Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

One of the best ways to efficiently heat your home is to keep up with all furnace repairs and recommended maintenance schedules. We offer maintenance agreements that can be customized to the specific needs of your home and family. These agreements allow us to expertly maintain your furnace according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and periodically check it to identify any areas that need repair. You can also call us anytime you suspect an issue with your furnace, such as gas or burning odors, uneven heat throughout the house, or extraordinarily high heating bills.

With our 24/7 repair services and pre-winter tune-ups, we’ll ensure your home is ready to keep your family comfortable through the changing winter temperatures. Contact us today to schedule regular service or to get on our maintenance schedule. We’ll do our best to keep your home nice and warm when the outside temperatures are freezing.

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