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Dahme Mechanical is a full-service plumbing contractor, providing HVAC, emergency plumbing, and residential plumbing services for residents of Palatine.  

Below are just some of the services we offer in Palatine:


Dahme Mechanical Industries offers affordable, skillful, and efficient services to allow you to enjoy the comfort of your home across all seasons. The company's friendly employees are trained to provide top-quality craftsmanship to meet or exceed your expectations. 

Below are reasons why you should consider Dahme Mechanical Industries whenever you are looking for reliable HVAC and plumbing services in Palatine:

  • Your job will be done quickly and efficiently to clear deadlines.
  • There are 24-hour emergency services at your disposal.
  • There's clear communication from friendly employees.
  • The company has a proven track record of success. 
  • The company has a long-standing history of ethical work, honesty, and integrity.
  • The company has a team of  highly skilled and knowledgeable HVAC & plumbing technicians.

In addition, Dahme Mechanical Industries prioritizes the safety of the employees and your family. To achieve this goal, the company emphasizes safe practices to improve efficiency and workmanship in every project. Furthermore, the company commits itself to developing standardized and effective processes that enhance employee and public safety. 

We are licensed to operate within the Chicagoland area by Illinois Department of Public Health. Aside from that, employees have a wide range of safety certifications and licenses from various safety standard organizations. This means that you should trust Dahme in providing services, which include HVAC and plumbing in Palatine.

Easy Access to Palatine

Highways such as Illinois Route 53, Interstate 90, and Highways 12 and 14 provide easy access to all major economic hubs of Palatine. Plus, the highways connect the urban area with the nearby rural environments.

Palatine also is home to several interstate motor-freight carriers. Additionally, the Metra or Union Pacific Railroad delivers efficient commuter services between Harvard and Chicago Loop. Nearby, Chicago Executive Airport provides extensive facilities for corporate and private aircraft to make transportation within and outside Palatine easy. 

Palatine Neighbors

Due to numerous annexations, Palatine village has expanded up to an area of approximately 12 square miles. Undeveloped and substantial unincorporated areas have become the annexed parts of the village in a few years. Palatine shares a neighborhood with Arlington Heights, Inverness, Schaumburg, the City of Rolling Meadows, and Deer Park.

Palatine as a Self-Sufficient Community

Over the years, Palatine has become a self-sufficient community with a flourishing downtown business district. This small town atmosphere also features about 30 shopping areas spread across the community. A light manufacturing zoning classification in Palatine allowed the creation of the light industry. Besides, Palatine serves as the world's corporate headquarters of the Weber-Stephens, the manufacturer of high-quality barbecue grills.

In the past few years, Palatine has witnessed an unprecedented increase in building activities. That is why you can find multi-family homes, single-family homes, and commercial developments scattered all over. An active government in Palatine is committed to providing good services to the community, which explains the high quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few frequently asked questions about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning that homeowners need to know. The answers to these questions will help you understand the importance of HVAC services for your system.

How Often Should I Service My Residential HVAC System?

It's important to service your residential HVAC system at least twice a year. The most appropriate time to carry out this task is during springtime and fall when it is not too hot or too cold.

How Frequently Should I Change Air Filters on My HVAC System?

You can check and change air filters monthly to keep them in good working condition. Air filters play a significant role in supplying your living space with healthy, breathable air. Additionally, they ensure a better flow of air through your HVAC system as well as efficient distribution of cooling or heating in all parts of your home. 

Are High-efficiency HVAC Systems Worth It?

Installation of high-efficiency HVAC systems in your home can substantially reduce your monthly energy bills. Most importantly, these systems pay for themselves over time. Make sure to choose the best and most efficient systems that can save you a substantial amount of money over some years.

Frozen, Leaking, & Burst Pipe Repair In Palatine

Frozen or leaking pipes are potential sources of terrible damage to your home, often costing thousands of dollars in repair costs. Dahme Mechanical's licensed and certified plumbers provide impeccable plumbing services, including the repair of frozen or leaking pipes in your home, as well as the prevention of these issues occurring in the first place. In the case of an emergency, Dahme Mechanical can give you an estimate within 48 hours.

burst pipe repair
Diagram of Sumpro backup sump pump typical installation

Sump Pump Installation & Repair In Palatine

An essential element for homes with a basement, sump pumps assist in flood prevention, and therefore, potential damage to your home. Dahme Mechanical Industries are on hand to help you choose the best sump pump for your home and carry out the installation. Along with this, we can also install a battery backup system. These can be very useful when your home loses power due to events, such as heavy rainfall. In these cases, you'll want your sump pump to continue running even after your home loses power. For this reason, a battery backup is definitely a good idea.

drain service in Palatine

Sewer Repair & Drain Service In Palatine

Whether your toilet is backing up regularly or your sink is taking a while to fully drain, it's probable that you need your sewer or drain cleaned to remove a blockage and get the system up and running again. If the problem is dealt with early, a repair is quick and easy.

Dahme Mechanical Industries provide a 24-hour emergency sewer rodding service to tackle those all-too-common emergencies. We'll send a camera down the sewer to check the problem and if, upon inspection, it's clear that something stronger is required, our licensed plumbers can deal with it too.

Our high-pressure sewage jetting service does exactly what it says on the tin. We take a high-pressure jet and place it into your sewer, stripping away all debris from the sewer lining and increasing its capacity in the process. This service will get your sewer operating as good as new.


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