Aqua Tower

Top 9 Beautiful Buildings to Spot in Chicago

Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. has been serving the Chicagoland area for half a century. We love that Chicagoland has many stunning, beautiful, and iconic architectural wonders that you can witness. Here are nine of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago, whose impressive architectural designs you should take time to see.

Carbide and Carbon Building, 230 N. Michigan Ave.

This building is named after the Carbide and Carbon Company. It was once the headquarters and office space for the Carbide and Carbon Union, but today, it is the St. Jane Chicago hotel, named after social activist Jane Adams.

This building displays a beautiful art deco style. When you visit, you will see a black granite tower accented by green terra cotta tiles. At the very top of the building, there is a luxurious golden spire trimmed with bronze and 24k gold. The architecture is decadent and lavish and stands out against the city skyline with its unique colors.

The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior. You will find frosted glass fixtures, stunning ceiling art, and Belgian marble floors.

Carbide and Carbon Building

Rookery Building, 209 S. LaSalle St.

This building was originally designed by Burnham and Root in 1888. When finished, the Rookery was one of the largest and nicest office buildings in all the United States.

The Rookery building features a court with a glass ceiling that illuminates the interior. Surrounding the space are white marble piers, and nearly every feature is etched with a golden design.

Famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright updated the original design to be lighter and more luxurious. You can still see some of the original designs in the dark cast ironwork. It an architectural masterpiece that is widely recognized in Chicago.

Tribune Tower, 435 N. Michigan Ave.

In 1922, on the 75th anniversary of the creation of the newspaper the Chicago Tribune, the newspaper announced a cash prize for the creation of their headquarters building. They wanted to build the world’s most beautiful building, yet they wanted it to be functional with lots of office space for their employees. The prize went to architects from New York.

The architectural tradition of the resulting Tribune Tower is Gothic revival, and you can see that it looks ancient and historic. The design is reminiscent of a medieval cathedral, since the tower is inspired by the Rouen Cathedral in France. Overall, the Tribune tower is one of the most iconic buildings in the Chicago skyline.

Aqua Tower

Aqua Tower, 225 N. Columbus Drive

Completed in 2009, Aqua tower was designed by architect Jeanne Gang. She wanted to solve the problem of how to build a beautiful building while still using the standard rectangular building design.

The building itself is part hotel and part residential, but you can still appreciate it on the Chicago skyline due to its unique design.

The balconies are arranged to create a visual effect of water falling down the side. The overall aesthetic is stunning and unique.

It was an architectural feat to create this effect because it took a lot of coordination between the construction workers.

The waving balconies are designed so that every resident can have an unimpeded view of the surrounding city.

Architect Jeanne Gang also wanted the building to be environmentally friendly, so it is an eco-building featuring rainwater collection, heat loss resistance, and sustainable lighting solutions.

The Chicago Water Tower, 806 N. Michigan Ave.

This building is beautiful in a sentimental way because it is a symbol of the resiliency of the city. The Chicago Water Tower was one of the only buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fires of 1871. To this day, it has been celebrated as a symbol of hope after the devastation.

The building is made of limestone and elegantly designed. It looks almost like a castle. Inside, it features local art and photography.

Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St.

The Chicago Cultural Center was the city’s first free public library. Now it serves as a space to spread art and culture among Chicago residents.

The limestone exterior is quite average compared to the beauty of what is inside. The interior is lavishly designed with mosaics all around the open spaces. Inside, you will spot two stained-glass domes with broight colors. You will want to see the world’s largest dome, called the Tiffany Dome. The colors are beautifully illuminated on a sunny day, and it has just recently been restored.

Bahá’í House of Worship, 100 Linden Ave.

Located in the Wilmette neighborhood, the Bahá’í temple features a variety of world architectural influences. As a place of worship, it was created to reflect the oneness of humanity.

French Canadian architect Louis Bourgeois started designing it in 1920. The building is mostly white and features an elaborately designed dome. There are symbols from many world religions decorating the exterior pillars.

Bahá'í House

A stunning dome graces the top of the building, and intricately designed gardens surround it. It is truly a beautiful building with stunning and unique architectural features that convey a religious message.

Humboldt Park Field House, 1400 N. Humboldt Drive

You can find this building in the center of a 219-acre park. Designed in 1938, the Humboldt Park Field House was inspired by Gregorian and Tudor architectural traditions. The building features turrets with carved limestone accents.

It has a beautiful historical elegance, and it is surrounded by nature to make a picturesque scene. It looks like something you might see in the European countryside.

Marina City

Marina City, 300 N. State St.

The Marina City building is iconic and has been featured on album covers and television shows. It is a widely recognized part of the Chicago skyline and an interestingly designed building.

This building sits on the banks of the Chicago River and has a ribbed look that is quite interesting to see. It is a residential building, but you can appreciate the design when you visit the area. Today, you can visit the tower’s restaurant, bowling alley, and concert hall.

Chicago is a hub for art and culture, and that is reflected in all of the above architectural designs.

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