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Dahme Mechanical Industries is family-owned-and-operated, giving you the personalized care that your household deserves for your sewer problems. We can help you with all your residential sewer repair and plumbing problems. Every technician is fully licensed and has a long list of safety certifications, including the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council Scaffold Training and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency certification.

We also make sewer repairs and replacements affordable for our customers. We know how important your plumbing and sewage are to your household and we offer discounts to seniors. We have many coupons available for first-time and repeat customers. Just take a look at our reviews and you'll find that many of your neighbors trust us with all their plumbing needs. 

We have been providing the Chicagoland area - including Arlington HeightsPalatineDes PlainesHinsdaleWestern Springs, and more - with expert plumbing repairs and installations for years. We hold our standards high so you don't have to worry about your plumbing problems. See if Dahme Mechanical Industries serves your area!

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Your Sewer Pump and Jet Cleaning and Repair Experts

Dahme Mechanical Industries is here for all your sewer pump and jet cleaning and repair needs. Sewer pumps can get backed up, especially when they're below the main sewer line in the household. Without gravity, the sewer pump is unable to naturally flow wastewater out of the house. That's where we come in. We can install an ejector pump that encourages the flow, avoiding backups. 

We also have extensive tools available to diagnose the most difficult of sewer problems and back-ups. When you want your sewer problem identified and then repaired quickly, you only need to make one call.

Whether your plumbing problem is a back-up due to gravity or a blockage within the pipes, we have a solution for you. Just a few ways that we identify the problem include:

  • Video inspection: One of the first steps to identify a problem with your sewer pump is with a video inspection. This can also give us insight into the condition of your sewer, allowing you to make any maintenance or repairs before it becomes a more expensive problem.
  • High-pressure jetting and sewer rodding: High-pressure jetting is a type of pressurized system that will fully clean your drains and sewers and remove any blockages.

Whether you have a slow-moving drain or backed up water, we can help you identify the problem and get everything moving as it should. 

Sewer Line Repair and Replacements You Can Trust

Dahme Mechanical Industries is not only your go-to for plumbing repairs and replacements, but you can trust us to stand behind our work. It is important to entrust the repair or replacement of your sewer line to a professional. Otherwise, you risk expensive damages like broken pipes or water damage in other parts of your household.

24-Hour Sewer Services

Plumbing problems can occur at any time of the day or night and we're here to help you, regardless of the time. We offer 24-hour emergency services, so you can get your plumbing and sewer system back to normal in no time. We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, identifying the problem early could end up saving you thousands of dollars and a lot of damage. With our upgraded tools and expert knowledge in the industry, we can find a solution to the problem and get your sewer working efficiently again.

Affordable Sewer Repairs

Sewer problems can be a huge inconvenience for any homeowner. We're here to make your repairs and replacements as affordable as possible.

Sewer Line Repair Cost

There are many factors that go into determining the price of a sewer liner repair, but our expert repairmen will help you find the most affordable option. The cost of a sewer line repair varies, but failing to repair it as soon as possible could lead to additional costs in the form of household water damage.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost

We also have other repair options that might be preferable to some homeowners. When a sewer problem gets bad enough, the only way to fix it is to dig up the pipes, which run underground. Trenchless repairs minimize the amount of landscaping damage. They also tend to last longer, which is an important factor to consider.

We often recommend trenchless sewer repair to customers in homes that are older than 15 years, as it can be a much more affordable option for main sewer line replacement. Of course, each customer and homeowner's repair needs are different, so it is important that we first evaluate your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know When I Need Sewer Pipe Repair or Replacement?

There are many things that could indicate a problem with your sewer pipes. Just a few of these include inconsistent water levels in the toilet bowl or if your yard is constantly wet and smells weird.

What Is Sewer Lining and How Will It Benefit Me?

Sewer lining is a method that is used with trenchless sewer repairs. The sewer lining hardens into the pipe, fixing holes or other damage.

When Do I Need Professional Drain Repairs?

Many household drain problems can be fixed with store-bought products. However, if your problem returns or household products no longer clear the drain, there could be a problem further down the pipeline.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Damaged Pipes?

Freezing is one of the most common causes of damaged pipes. Fortunately, in many cases, freezing pipes can be prevented.

Dahme Mechanical Industries has the expert staff and tools needed to handle your most difficult plumbing and sewer installations and repairs. We serve Arlington Heights and the surrounding areas including Des Plaines, Palatine, Mt. Prospect, Schaumburg and more. Give us a call today to discuss your plumbing needs.

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