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Reduced Pressure Zone Device Installation and Service

rpz valve installation in arlington heights

RPZ valve installation on irrigation system.

A reduced pressure zone valve, also commonly called an RPZ valve or backflow preventer, is a backflow prevention device used to prevent contamination of your home's general water supply. All homes with an irrigation system are required to have an RPZ that is considered suitable where there is a chance of back pressure and contamination.

An RPZ valve prevents both back pressure and back siphonage. They are required to be tested and certified annually by a licensed Cross-Connection Control Device inspector (CCCDI) due to the risk to the water supply.

At Dahme Mechanical Industries, we have accredited technicians who can certify your RPZ valve to ensure you comply with local requirements. Give us a call at (847)-610-6846 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Senior citizens can enjoy 10% OFF their service with our senior discount!

Backflow prevention is essential to maintain safe water supply. You can rely on the experienced professionals from Dahme Mechanical Industries for comprehensive backflow prevention device inspections. We service Arlington Heights and the surrounding communities including Palatine, Des Plaines, Hinsdale and more. Visit our Service Areas page to see if we service your community!

We recommend annual RPZ valve testing to ensure that your plumbing system is not backing up into the municipal system and causing cross-contamination issues.

We have licensed plumbers equipped with mobile applications to carefully assess your backflow prevention devices. If repairs are required, we can perform them.

Call us at 847-610-6846 for service. All pricing is guaranteed by our Best Price Guarantee!

backflow testing in arlington heights

RPZ backflow valve installed in basement

Extensive Backflow Prevention Device Testing In arlington heights

  • Backflow inspections and repairs
  • Quarterly, bi-annual, and annual backflow testing available
  • Municipal backflow testing available
  • Factory-authorized repair center
  • Specializing in repairing obsolete and discontinued devices
  • 5-year internal component inspection and reporting
  • Forward flow testing and reporting
  • Backflow system design, installation, and consulting
  • Notification, tracking, and auto-testing available
  • Tracking available for your work order status and history of your properties
  • Create year-end budget and view inspection report history

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