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Chicago residents are well aware of the city's extreme climate. Because of frigid winters and blazing summers, functioning HVAC systems are essential for staying comfortable and safe. Fortunately, you can trust Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. for all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Our professionals have served Chicagoland for years and have the expertise to satisfy residents like you. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote, and see below for more information about our comprehensive residential HVAC services.

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AC Installation and Repair

Just as important as ensuring your home is warm enough is ensuring it's cool enough. Fortunately, our expert AC installation services can help you strike this balance. Our professionals are eager to inspect your home and help you determine the appropriate cooling system. With our expertise, your home will have the crisp, fresh air it needs during Chicago's intense summers.

You'll also stay cool year-round thanks to our expert AC repairs. Our services include:

  • Around-the-clock repair: A livable home temperature is important--especially when there are very young, elderly or sick family members present. Our heating & cooling repair services are 24/7, for your convenience! We stand ready to serve you at any time.
  • AC installation and replacement: If you want to replace an ancient cooling unit, or if you’re looking to put a new AC system in for the first time, our team will help you select the best unit for your home, then install it quickly and professionally.
  • Pre-summer tune-ups: Don’t wait until the temperatures surge to find out your air conditioner is out of commission. We can perform a thorough HVAC maintenance checkup to ensure your system is in top working condition.
  • Maintenance agreements: Your cooling system needs periodic checks and adjustments to keep it in shape. Trust our team of trained technicians to provide regular service, so you can enjoy home comfort without interruption.

Residential Heating Installation

Whether you're buying a new home or need to replace an old system in your current home, you can count on our heating installation services. Our team is ready to maximize the comfort of you and your family during freezing Chicago winters. When you use us for your heating installation needs, you can expect the following process:

  • Our experts visit your home and measure the load requirements for heating each room.
  • With the above information, we use calculations to determine the necessary capacity for heating your home evenly and efficiently.
  • We present multiple furnace and boiler options to help you pick the brand that suits your budget and residential heating needs.
  • Our team arrives at home to perform the installation, ensuring to respect your time and guarantee that the results exceed your standards.

HVAC Maintenance & HVAC Repair

Even if you have functioning HVAC systems, now's not the time to get complacent. Being proactive by enlisting maintenance services can help you save money and ensure your systems work when the weather gets extreme.

Contact us today to ask about maintenance agreements that give you the peace of mind you deserve. According to your agreed-upon schedule, expert technicians will check your systems periodically and identify the need for repairs before it's too late.

 We even do pre-summer and pre-winter tune-ups to ensure your home is ready for drastic temperature changes.

We'll recommend repairs if we notice issues during routine maintenance, but you can also call us when your heating or AC system suddenly stops working. Our 24/7 repair services ensure your family stays safe and comfortable around the clock. Call us anytime for the fast service you need.

Boiler Installation and Repair In Arlington Heights

Yet another popular heating solution is a boiler. This unit works by using an energy source like natural gas or electricity to heat water and move it through the house via baseboard radiators. Some boilers heat water long enough to turn it into steam, which moves through a home's piping system and disperses with the help of radiators. Boilers come with benefits such as increased energy efficiency, better consistency, and improved air quality. Call us today to determine if this unit would be a good fit for your home.

Aside from installing new boilers and replacing old ones, we can also fix existing systems. Regular maintenance checks allow us to identify the need for repairs by performing tasks like:

  • Inspecting the entire electrical system, thermostat, and controls.
  • Gauging the gas and carbon monoxide levels.
  • Testing the pilot or igniter.
  • Cleaning the flame sensor, tubes, and burners.
  • Inspecting the flue, heat exchanger, fittings, and pipes for leaks.

Furnace Installation and Repair In Arlington Heights

If you're looking to install a new system, a furnace might be the way to go. These units are one of the most common heating solutions as they're widely available and relatively affordable. A furnace works by warming air and distributing it throughout the home via ducts. We can help residents like you determine if a furnace is the right option and install it so your home is warm and welcoming regardless of how cold it is outside.

Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. also specializes in furnace repairs to keep your existing system in tip-top shape. Rely on our repair services if you notice issues like a discolored pilot light, inadequate heat, or persistent noises and abnormal smells coming from the unit. In some cases, the damage is enough to warrant investing in an entirely new system. Here are some signs that often indicate the need for a total replacement:

  • The unit is at least 15 years old.
  • A yellow flame is burning in the furnace.
  • You're constantly needing to pay for repairs.
  • You've noticed uneven heating in different rooms of your home.
  • Your energy bills are more expensive than usual despite consistent heating usage.

Why Choose Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc.

As you search for dependable HVAC services, you might notice that Chicago is home to many providers. So what makes Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. different from the rest? For one, we've served the area since 1965 and have expanded to offer comprehensive HVAC and plumbing services. We do it all, so you don't have to turn anywhere else. Additionally, we've built a loyal customer base, maintain essential safety certifications, and have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff around.

While your home's HVAC system might not be at the front of your mind, it will be when your heating or cooling systems experience issues. Instead of sweating it out or bundling under blankets, contact Dahme Mechanical Industries, Inc. today. Our team is ready to provide installation and repair services that keep your house feeling like a home. We also offer preventative maintenance that allows you to be proactive and save money.

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